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Like your grandfather, this airline has been going strong since 1919. Unlike your grandfather, Avianca isn't weirded out by new-fangled developments like in-air entertainment systems and pre-sliced bread. Based in Bogota, this international airline is the long-standing flag carrier of both Colombia and El Salvador, and that means it remembers the days when youngsters had to walk uphill both ways in a snowstorm just to get to and from school. Actually, that's not what it means at all, but how many times has Grandpa repeated that story? Anyway, the point is that Avianca Aerovias has decades of experience, so it knows how to keep you comfy while it soars to nearly 90 destinations in more than 20 countries. Plus, the airline takes its carbon footprint super seriously and aims to reduce its CO2 emissions by 50 percent over the course of several years. How's that for age-old wisdom?

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