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Que pasa, turístico? Iberia Airlines reservations don't come with a Castilian phrasebook, but don't start worrying about whether you should you should say computadora or ordenador. This Madrid-based airline is far more concerned about how much vino tinto you want and how many albóndigas you can pack away before the flight lands. Besides, you'll be amazed enough by the route options that the language stuff won't even cross your mind. Since 1927, Iberia Air has been flying passengers to and from the peninsula with serious panache, and now it offers nearly 100 flights to 36 countries in Europe, Africa, Asia, and the Americas. Is it as thrilling as the airline in Pedro Almodovar's latest film? That depends on whether you need a crew of singing flight attendants to get you through the Iberia Airlines journey. Think they know any Whitney Houston?

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